Cup Notes: Caramel, Papaia, Mango, Honey, Creamy


Certifications: FAIR TRADE
Município: CRISTINA
Total Area: 7 HA
Area with Coffee:  7 HA
Average Altitude:  1300 M
Number of Bags In Lot: 10
Storage Location: COCARIVE
Preparation Method: NATURAL
Screen Size: 16 UP  
Type: 2/3
Altitude: 1300  M
Score (SCAA Standard):  89


It is not often that coffees from Brazil score so highly. This small lot of coffee is one of the top lots that came out of the Mantiqueira de Minas auctions and is such a pleasurable cup to drink. While not as acidic and bright as an African coffee this coffee is loaded with subtle fruit notes and sweetness that makes us want to sit down, take a moment from our day, and focus on the quiet complexities of the cup it produces. You could potentially overlook just how good this coffee actually as it's such an easy and comforting cup to drink. However, with a little further inspection you can start to taste and appreciate all that this coffee has to offer. 


With an exuberant and beautiful mountain range, the Serra da Mantiqueira 500 km long is the most important mountainous massif in the country of Brazil, located in three Brazilian Steas Rio de Janeira, Sau Paulo and MInas Gerais. 


With an average altitude of 1200-2800 meters the Serra da Mantiquera integrates the Atlantic Forest ecosystem that has one of the largest biodiversities on the plant being considered the green lung of the region and also the habitat of varied fauna. 



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