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Sold in 10oz Bags


Cup Notes: Floral, Guava, Mango, Raisin, Balanced, Round


Origin: Brazil

Region: Cristina, Minas Gerais

Farm: Sítio Baixadão

Process: Natural


We recommend letting this coffee rest off roast for as long as three to four weeks before brewing as that is when we have noticed it tasting the best. We recommend a much coarser than normal grind setting to help bring out the complexity of this cup.


Sítio Baixadão is a fairly famous farm in Brazil known for its high-scoring coffees that have often gone to the Brazil Cup of Excellence. It is owned by two brothers, Antonio Marcio da Silva and Sebastiao Afonso da Silva, who have 13 other siblings. While we were in Brazil we had the pleasure of stopping by this farm and tasting what they had to offer. On a table full of different lots, this one specifically stood out amongst the rest with its complexity and high sweetness. We were the first to taste this lot after its processing and knew it was something we would want to have. The two brothers were told this lot should be sent to the Cup of Excellence to be auctioned off. However, alongside our importers, multiple people in our group were able to offer a competitive enough price to buy this lot outright. This lot has scored 90 points between three different cooperatives in Brazil. It is a very perfumy cup boasting a very high sweetness with loads of floral and soft fruit notes. One of the things that stands out the most with this cup is just how balanced it is. You can easily drink multiple cups of this coffee without any pallet fatigue all while enjoying every sip from fresh brewed to room temperature.

Brazil Sítio Baixadão

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