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Cup Notes: Peach, Creamy, Tangerine



We met Juan David on our trip to Colombia last fall. While cupping on the first day there, this coffee stood out on the table and we knew it wasn't an ordinary coffee. After hearing about Juan David, a food engineer, and the Osmostic Dehydration process he used we were very excited to be able to meet him a few days later. His passion for what he does shines through each cup of coffee that he produces. 

If you thought co-fermentation was controversial, buckle in. Osmotic dehyration is a process where the moisture of the coffee is removed by soaking it in a highly concentrated acqueous solution of glucose and salt and fruits or other things such as rose petals. The glucose penetrates the coffee beans and essntially carrys the flavors of the fruits into the beans. For this particular microlot, Juan David made his signature mosto with peaches

and apricots. In the final cup you end up with very clear flavors of peach. We are very excited to see how our customers receive this coffee. 

Colombia Finca Alegrías Osmotic Dehydration Peach

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