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Cup Notes: Complex, Intense, Dried Blueberry, Ginger, Pine, Plum


Origin: Colombia

Region: Quindío 

Farmer: Edwin Noreña

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1600

Process: Triple Anaerobic & Co-fermented with galaxy hops


This is our second year buying one of Edwin Noreña's beautiful co-fermented coffees. Many of the co-fermented coffees we have tasted can be overwhelming and singular. Edwin Noreña's co-fermented coffees have really impressed us with not only their complexity but also their balance and sweetness. 


Edwin Noreña is one of Colombia’s true processing obsessives. Known among friends as “El Alquimista” (the alchemist), Edwin has dialed in a wide repertoire of fermentation profiles, often using multiple fermentations in sequence to achieve a desired expression. This Pink Bourbon microlot was processed using three distinct fermentations and the addition of Galaxy hops, which give the final coffee a candy-like structure and flavors of lychee, rose, pear, and anise. 


Edwin’s processing for this particular lot involves a three-step fermentation, followed by raised bed drying. The first is a kind of pre-fermentation in cherry, just after picking, and lasts 32 hours, allowing the fruit to soften and the sugars to peak. The fermented cherry is then depulped and the parchment is fermented in an open tank for another 32 hours. Once the parchment fermentation is complete, the parchment is moved to an anaerobic (oxygen deprived) tank where it is combined with the sticky, sugary runoff from the first whole cherry fermentation (a process known as “back slopping”), as well as galaxy hops, and ferments again for 32 hours in this final environment. Once all fermentations are complete the coffee is sundried on raised beds for 10-15 days. 

The fully dried coffee is conditioned for 8 days in a warehouse, allowing for humidity to stabilize inside the seeds, and then moved into GrainPro bags for long-term storage, where it is cupped numerous times over the next few weeks for quality analysis.

Colombia Galaxy Hops Co-fermented Pink Bourbon

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