Please note this coffee is sold in 8oz bags


Cup Notes: Plum, Pineapple, Thai Tea, Orange


Origin: Colombia

Region: Pijao, Quindio

Process: Carbonic Maceration

Variety: Gesha

Elevation: 1700-1750masl


The La Estrella farm has been owned for 80 years by the lópez family. It was passed on to 4 brothers in 2005 who seperated the farm in two. They grow Castilloa, Gesha and java varietals. They also plant avocado and plantain on their farm.


The Carbonic Maceration Process

After being picked, these coffee cherries are placed into airtight plastic barrels. The lack of oxygen allows the coffee cherries to break down different levels of pectin’s which is drained at the bottom of the barrel and then placed again inside the barrel from the top. Oxygen level, sugar content and PH are measured constantly to ensure the coffee is smooth and balanced. After reaching the desired fermentation (36-40 hours), the coffee is soaked in clean water to stop the growth of bacteria.


Colombia La Estrella Geisha Carbonic Maceration