Cup Notes: Pear, Honey, Plum, Smooth


Farm: Finca La Concepcion

Origin: Honduras

Region: Marcala
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Icatu
Process: Honey
Elevation: 1655m
Harvest: December-March

Farmer: Manuel Pereira

Certifications: Direct Trade


Manuel grew up going to farms to watch his father grow coffee. Inspired to go into the same industry, Manuel, along with his wife, Linda, run Finca La Concepción as a family operation in Marcala, Honduras. In 2015, Manuel began experimenting with honey and natural processing methods. His passion for coffee, as well as his innovative spirit, surround his commitment to consistently improve his farm and implement new ideas.


Notes from Our Importer:


"After being recommended to us as a producer who specializes in honey process, we took a visiting customer to meet him and all fell in love with his coffee. Since then, we've become good friends with Manuel. He is hospitable, loyal, and very supportive of our mission. We've brought in his entire crop this year and are looking forward to sharing it."



Honduras Finca La Concepcion