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Cup Notes: Red Wine, Peach, Cocoa, Strawberry


Origin: Honduras

Region: Marcala

Farm: De La Finca

Process: (Experimental) Double Fermentation Natural

Altitude: 1450masl

Variety: Red/Yellow Catuai

Certifications: Organic


A word from our importer:


In the spirit of learning and innovation, we bought a small 9 acre farm in the fall of 2019 on the outskirts of Marcala, La Paz, Honduras.

Our intention behind this expansion is three-fold:

1) To expand our expertise in Honduran coffees. Our family’s coffee farms are primarily located in the Comayagua region (about 3 hours away). With Marcala, La Paz being the hub of speciality coffee in Honduras, a farm in the area opens both our operations and insight in a strategic location in the coffee community of our home country.

2) To experiment with new processes and production methods. The property gives us room for research and experimentation without tampering with our own family’s production. We bought this property as an experimental specialty farm to be separate from our own family farms and experiment with different production and processing methods.

3) To innovate, implement, and teach best practices in the industry. We want to use this farm as both an experimental and an example farm — a place where we can innovate, implement and then train other producers not only in what we’re learning in terms of production but also in terms of operations. For example, many producers pay low wages to pickers and have difficulty finding workers when harvest time comes. By paying higher wages to our pickers and employing workers year round, we can lead by example and hopefully see an impactful and significant shift in our industry.



Honduras De La Finca (Natural)

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