Cup Notes: Bannana, Apricot, Tropical, Boozy, Sweet Pastry 


Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Nueva Segovia

Producer: Julio Peralta

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Elevation: 1250masl

Variety: Yellow Catuai


The Peralta family's coffee tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Their farms are located in the Diplito and Jalapa mountain range. The high altitude and favorable climate produces some of the best specialty coffee in Nicaragua. 


By carefully monitoring the harvesting, and processing of the coffee, they are able to trace the beans throughout the entire process - from the day its harvested to the day its sold. this task is performed on all farms for each lot that is harvested.


North-east of La Cascada in the minicipality of San Fernando north-east of Dipilto, there lies El Bosque, a 42 hectare farm planted with 100% Arabica excellent cupping varieties. El Bosue is a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm and procues eclusively shade grown coffee.



Nicaragua Finca El Bosque (Anaerobic)