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Our Story

About Us

"What's a Pettibone?" You might ask.. Well, Pettibone is the name of a very small lake a little to the left of the middle of nowhere. The lake has served many generations of our family with not only the most relaxing, pristine, unspoiled vacation spot, but for some of us, a wonderful place to live. The flower in our logo is the state flower belonging to the state that Pettibone Lake resides in. 


Pettibone Coffee was born out of a deep passion for coffee, all of its processes, and the sometimes evasive quiet moments in life. Those truly peaceful moments spent in the brisk morning air. The sunrise warming your skin and a mug of coffee warming your soul. Those, sometimes not so audibly quiet, late night moments spent with family and friends around a fire or a board game with a late night coffee in hand. Everyone thinks of something slightly different but the feelings are all the same. The lake and the years worth of memories that surround it serve as a constant reminder that we can and should find these moments more often than thought. It may seem dramatic, but for us, a great cup of coffee can inexplicably encompass all of these memories and the feelings that come with them. Pettibone Lake is truly special to us. It's somewhere you can rest easy, one of the few places you can find true relaxation, and most brings to mind the perfect cup of coffee that will make your morning.. and the rest of your day just that much better.

Roastery & Cafe

We set out to break the mold of what coffee shops have been in the past. Our large, open concept space implements innovative design and technology into our coffee production and brewing process. From the second people walk in the door we want them to not only feel welcomed but to be amazed from seeing every step of how raw green coffee is processed and turned into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in one building. Our technology that we implemented into our coffee bar gives us automation and consistency where it counts. Not only are there fewer inconsistencies in our drinks but they are also produced more efficiently. Our bar flow and technology allows baristas to be more available to build quality relationships with our customers and discuss all of the hard work that goes into brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

Our Roasting Philosophy

Great coffee is our passion and is something that we want to share with everyone! We roast all of our coffee to best represent the origin that it comes from. This means that our coffees typically end up as light-medium(ish) roasts. We focus on extending caramelization in our roast profiles to accentuate balance and sweetness in the cup. We love working with our wholesale partners to be continuously improving coffee quality from in front of the roaster and behind the bar (if you are interested in our wholesale partnership program please fill our our "wholesale inquiry" form under the "More" tab). We are hands on during the whole roasting process and give every bean in the roaster our utmost attention.  As coffee lovers ourselves it's our commitment to you to make sure we never fail to deliver perfect coffee that has all of the love we have to offer in each and every bean.

Coffee That Will Make Your Day Better 
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